#1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Jim DeFelice Praises Egan


“You also have someone like (station superintendent) Howard Egan (who’s) really a key figure for the Pony Express in setting things up. And these days, the reason there’s no book about him is because he’s a very solid guy. He wasn’t a boring guy — he isn’t a criminal, so there’s not anything to write about there — but he’s the kind of guy that if you don’t have, you don’t have Utah(‘s involvement with the Pony Express).”

“Also, Howard Egan is the guy in charge (of the Pony Express), basically from Salt Lake west, and he’s got two sons that ride for him — Howard and Ras. … Now there are a couple of guys who claim to have the longest ride (on the Pony Express), but I like Howard’s claim the best because he did it for love — but not for his love, but for his brother. (Ras) was dating a girl that lived on Howard’s stretch of the trail, so they switched routes … and (through various mishaps) Howard ends up going three hundred and sixty miles (on one ride) and doesn’t even get a date out of it.”

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Jim DeFelice
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